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Starting at $99.00 / month, Get Direct Data is affordable for all Small to Medium-sized businesses looking to scale exponentially

Email validation

If you're looking to use cold email to scale your agency, use Get Direct Data's email validation API to only download valid email addresses.

100k New Contacts/day

We constantly enrich the data to make your user experience better every day! Let us know if we do not have the data you're looking for.

CRM Integration

With over five CRM integrations and a Zapier integration coming soon, you can send all data from Get Direct Data to your favourite applications.

We build features based on our customers

Have an idea for a new feature? 99% of all features requested by our customers get implemented.

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Understanding the Different Types of Leads to Purchase

Choosing the Right Lead Type for Your Business

The lead market offers a variety of options tailored to specific industries and target demographics. Aged Insurance Leads are ideal for companies looking for potential customers who have expressed interest in insurance products in the past, offering a cost-effective solution with a higher conversion potential due to their prior engagement. Business Leads cater to B2B models, connecting you with key decision-makers in various enterprises.

Consumer Leads are perfect for B2C businesses aiming to reach individual customers with personalized marketing. Homeowner Leads are a niche segment that targets property owners, beneficial for real estate and home services marketing. Additionally, Data Enrichment Services can enhance the value of these leads by verifying and updating information, ensuring that your outreach efforts are as effective and efficient as possible.


Enhancing Lead Quality with Comprehensive Data Attributes

Detailed Lead Profiles for Targeted Campaigns

Purchasing enriched leads that include detailed data attributes can significantly improve the precision of your marketing campaigns. Leads that come with verified phone numbers and email addresses ensure that you can reach your prospects through multiple channels.

Additional information like date of birth, aged addresses, and specific details such as business affiliations and property ownership allow for highly targeted outreach. This level of detail is crucial for crafting personalized messages that resonate with your audience, whether they're individuals or business entities, enhancing the chances of conversion and improving the ROI of your sales initiatives.